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We are developing a robust ocean going unmanned, autonomous sailboat.

Ocean Research Lab

Research in the high seas requires robust hardware. We are developing an ocean going floating research lab that can remain at sea for months.

Get Data In Real Time

You will be able to conduct research and/or monitoring in the oceans and get results in real-time via satellite communications.

Fully Autonomous

You provide the mission coordinates and our boat will navigate by itself to complete the mission. The mission can be amended at any time.


There are numerous applications, some are listed below.

Marine Meteorology

Measure wind-speed, air temperature and humidity, surface water temperature, density and salt content of the oceans, as well as tides, currents, waves and ocean circulation.

Surface Water Sampling

Sample water for known matter such as gases, nutrients, micro plastics, suspended solids, industrial pollutants and much more.

Economic Area Monitoring

Monitoring can be prohibitively expensive, our solution will enable detection and identification of foreign vessels

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